open call – supergraphic

Call for submissions

Poster call

The NCSU landscape architecture program is in the midst of reinventing itself.  We look to be recognized not only within the College of Design, but also within the academic and professional realms at large.  Moving toward these ends, the Student ASLA asks you to propose a new image for our department. 

Graphics are a powerful tool of communication that, when successful, transcend explanation.  This competition asks that you submit an evocative and stimulating image that will upset the misconceptions about the field of landscape architecture and strengthen our voice related to innovative design, technology, and representation.

Think iconographic!  But, word to the wise, behold the pitfall of clichéd pastoral imagery.  A consortium of COD faculty will jury the competition; therefore each submittal must adhere to the highest graphic standards. The view is shared by all of the COD, accordingly, interdisciplinary collaboration is not only allowed but encouraged.

The winner has the potential to have their graphic printed on a transparent vinyl screen and applied to the double doors (inoperable) that terminate the axial view from Brooks Hall toward our 2nd floor studios.

Plan to participate in our growth; this is a huge opportunity to precipitate change.
(location announced after registration)

Registration sheets will be available on the message board at the entrance to the LAR/ARCH Departmental Offices. 

Completed registration sheets should be placed in the accompanying envelop by November 13 – 5pm.

Graphic Submittals will be due November 30 – 5pm

Minimum 1 LAR student per team

Registration is free if LAR member of team is Student ASLA member (otherwise $20)