student Publication Update

subcommittees  have formed.  If you weren’t able to attend Friday’s meeting, there is still time join the committee of your chioce.  We need dedicated people who can commit for the long term, so think about your availability over the next year.  We expect to publish fall 2010 and want your help.

Next meeting is this Friday the 13th in KAM 130.  Pr0bably at 12:00

These are the committees: editorial, fundraising, design + layout, & Public relations


Shep Butler (

Dave Toms (

Lindsay Ruderman (

Caroline Tilley (

Kyle Stalls (


Jordan Petersen (

Ben Hood (

Matt Evans (

Matt Jones (


Jacqui Harris (

Preston Montague (

Caitlin Smolewski (

 John Watts (


Lorna Allen (

Scott Simmons (

Leslie Morefield (

Luke Wallenbeck (

And the minutes:


October 30, 2009

Matt: Conditions, call every quarter, general topic and small abstract, editting jury changes and decides whether submittals are pertinent

Andy: What is the most pressing issues or projects in our career 20 years from now?

1. Environmental concerns, ie Stormwater management

2. Technology or methodologies, interactive, user-oriented design

3. Resource conservation

4. Infrastructure, how do cities support population

5. Social implications, power of design to inform behavior

6. Process, systems, and form

7. Communication, individually, between a body of designers, to the public/community

8. Advocacy and being current and relevant

Andy: Student-generated publication, future catalyzer of change, narrow to be relevant, potent cocktail, foresight, innovative with idea to get innovative submittals, provocative but accessible

1. Ethos-big ideas that drive us

2. Methods

3. Process

Audience is anyone interested in design, online so anyone can touch it

Official language of publication is English, international scope?

LABASH to promote it, create awareness about the call

NCLA to penetrate markets made accessible by the web

Production should be in-house, eyes on it from graphic designers, but should be LA-produced

Advisory aspect to publication

Provocative v. Controversial call, how you write and aggressively pursue creative thinking

Will not be able to submit to call if you’re going to be a part of publication

Potential writing opportunities: Introduction, Conclusion, Editorials, etc.

1-credit grant writing course offered (see Karen)

Topic presented to multi-disciplinary admin, potential jurors (i.e. Meredith Davis, Marvin)

Friday 12:00 agreed on as official meeting time until subgroups formed

To do: Outlines, Timelines, Tasks

Potential Subcommittees:

1. Topic (Everyone)

2. Call

3. Jury

4. Publish

(Need a small number to commit to staying local to produce)

5. Funding

6. Layout

1. Editorial:


Topic Refinement

Documentation-Creating template for process


Jury Selection

2. Fundraising:



Cost Estimates

3. Design + Layout:



Aesthetic Qualities

Web (Digital)


4. Public Relations:

LABASH promotion




Subgroups independent departments

Meetings-identifying holes and roles

Submittals broken down into case studies, research, project, etc. with each category potentially having its own introduction

Mission statement in-house, develop a manual for future years of production

Defense for the document, what are students reading, what is important to them across the nation?  Survey topic?

Suburbia vs. Cities, which one shifts?

Regionalism, responding to current economy, how design and infrastructure is dealt with

Regional identity, country a lack of regionalism in term of vernacular aesthetic

Dc-Atlanta, Megaopolis

Smart rail, how do you create it within existing infrastructure

Water as a resource (driver and restrictor on development)

Raleigh as fastest-growing metropolis, microcosm, affect policy

(editorial to head a section within larger topic)

Material culture and energy implications

Infill and post-industrial sites

Culture influences form, behavior, affect of technology


Culture, Resources, Growth Management (deals with culture and resources)

Everyone take a shot at articulating topics, vet within committees

Come up with a question!

Familiarize self with other topics/calls out there so not to overlap

Who are we as landscape architecture students, thoughtful practitioners in built environment, scale of thinking

The next publication meeting will be this coming Friday November 13 in Kam. 130 (same room).  Subgroups are free to begin meeting at any time.

For the next meeting there are 3 deliverables so that the publication can keep momentum and move forward.

1. Topic Statement

2. Question

3. Title/Brand

(All should be defensible and not esoteric, especially the title) Please send me ( your deliverables in Word format by Thursday 9pm so I can compile a document to be printed and vetted out in Friday’s meeting.