Dangermond Fellowship – discontinued until further notice

via email 12.09.2009

Dear Dave,

I regret to inform you that the Dangermond Fellowship has been discontinued until further notice.

Information regarding the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) Leadership in Landscape scholarships and fellowships, including submittal requirements, deadlines and processes for applying, are located on our website at http://www.lafoundation.org/scholarships/scholarships.aspx.

Submittals for the 2010 awards will be accepted beginning in January 2010 for scholarships and fellowships with February 15th deadlines; submittals for The Douglas Dockery Thomas Fellowship will be accepted December 2009 thru January 15, 2010.

The LAF Leadership in Landscape Scholarship Program does change (and in recent years several scholarships and fellowships have been added to those offered each year).  Therefore, be certain to visit the website regularly to keep current and to see if the scholarship(s) and fellowship(s) you are interested in applying for are still listed and available before submitting your application(s).

Please note students may apply for multiple scholarships, provided they meet the requirements of each scholarship for which they are making application.


Anthony Le

The Landscape Architecture Foundation

818 18th Street, N.W. Suite 810

Washington, D.C.  20006

Phone:  202-331-7070 ext 13