Hillsborough St Volunteers & Artist Needed

via Raleigh Has No Chance… « SHIFT.

Reading blogs has its value, but it’s too easy to seemingly sit back and comment without truly getting involved. As the interim director of the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation I could sure use some help from anyone in Raleigh’s blogosphere who hasn’t gotten involved. We have LOTS of ideas, but our resources are constrained and we don’t have enough DOERS. Yes the contractor is doing a great job. Yes it’s a mess but that’s construction. I talked personally with the contractor who promised to save 100 feet of trolley track which weighs a ton. We want it used to create a public art project. But we don’t have an artist. We don’t have money to pay an artist. We don’t even have a secure place to store the rail. This public art project has been talked about for years, but taking action is the issue. So anyone out there who is writing or reading a blog, how about contacting me to volunteer your time. If you’re not into public art, then I could find something else you can volunteer to do to make Hillsborough Street Raleigh’s SUSTAINABLE MAIN STREET. It’s Happening on Hillsborough Street!

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