Couldn’t find the quiet

nowhere quiet here

The weather was perfect for doing a little work outside today – mid 60’s and a milky sky that kept the glare off the laptop screen.  I had to write some emails and make some calls, so I set off to pick a quiet spot in the trees around the Court of North Carolina.    I wasn’t looking for silence, just a place chill enough that I could stay calm in my soon-to-be-irritating conversation with the cell phone company.  I failed.   After walking through the court and realizing how hard it is to find some quiet, I decided to see if there was anywhere quiet within a 10 minute walk.   I strolled past Riddick, through the Brickyard, all the way to the

new Governor Scott Courtyard and found nothing.  I thought for sure there would be a pocket here or there that blocked most of the midday noise, but no.  Even in the places separated from the streets by large buildings, there was always a leaf blower, a HVAC unit throttling up,  or a delivery truck beeping backwards.  So, 15 minutes into my walk  I got pissed off, told the beautiful day to suck it, and went inside to make a phone call.