Haiti Quake: A Plan for Reconstruction | Architecture for Humanity

Cameron Sincliar is co founder of Architecture for Humanity.  Its a network of 40,000 architects, builders, etc. developing free design solutions to serve the worlds wickedly poor.  One I like grows the walls for temporary health clinics with tall, rapidly growing, local grasses.  Below is their plan for Haiti:


For those not used to working in disasters the first week is chaotic, filled with stories of heroism and despair. The first responders are not the NGOs or medical personal but the families of those who are injured or lost their lives. It is an overwhelming situation to be in. It is also not the time for architects to show up thinking they can rebuild. People are trying to find their loved ones not think about what their lives will look like in 5, 10 or 15 years.Trying to keep perspective is extremely hard. Weve personally lost colleagues, friends and extremely valuable people in the last few days. On Thursday, one phone call ended with they are all gone. For those of us who are part of the reconstruction effort, we need to think about immediate needs for shelter while planning for the next three to five years of rebuilding.

via Haiti Quake: A Plan for Reconstruction | Architecture for Humanity.