LAR Lecture Series, Mon. Feb1 7pm – Linda Jewell, UC Berkeley


Department of Landscape Architecture

LAR Lectures Series
Monday, February 1, 7:00 pm Burns Lecture Hall.

Our speaker this week will be Linda Jewell, FASLA, Professor and Head, Department of Landscape Architecture, U.C. Berkeley.

About Professor Jewell’s presentation this Monday:

“On-site Insight: The Merits of Incremental Design

Decisions in the Field”

The lecture will examine the techniques of on-site design decisions utilized by Civilian Conservation Corps landscape architects and by such notable landscape architects as Beatrix Farrand, Tommy Church,

Lawrence Halprin, Richard Haag and Peter Walker.

Linda Jewell, M.L.A., B. Arch., F.A.S.L.A.

Linda Jewell is Chair and Professor of Landscape Architecture at U.C. Berkeley and was formerly Chair of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University.  She is a partner in the Berkeley firm, Freeman & Jewell and a consulting partner in the Raleigh firm, Reynolds & Jewell. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from North Carolina State University and a Masters of Landscape Architecture Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. Jewell has written more than 30 articles for Landscape Architecture magazine as well as pieces for academic journals.  Her publications and design work have won numerous ASLA merit and honor awards, including the prestigious Presidential Award in Communications for her 10 years of Construction articles in Landscape Architecture magazine. She is presently working on a book entitled, Great SiteWorks: A Selection of American Outdoor Theaters.

This year’s lecture series, Landscape Strategies, is intended to broaden one’s knowledge of strategies of scholarship and practice in landscape architecture as a design profession committed to enhancing the health, safety, welfare, and well being of natural and built environments. Speakers represent numerous areas of landscape architectural practice, research, service, and education. They will describe their work with the goal of inspiring others to increase the knowledge and capability of the profession towards fulfilling this commitment.   This year’s speakers are asked to reflect upon their work and achievements with the goal of sharing their views about strategic thinking as a means for positive changes in the landscape.