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I know the debate over LEED scoring is old news, but come on.  Brownfield redevelopment and bicycle storage get the same points.   One costs millions and years of red tape, the other you can weld up in an afternoon.  What the hell?!

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Sustainable Sites prerequisite

– Site selection (SSc1) for 1pt

– Development density and community connectivity (SSc2) for 5pts

– Brownfield redevelopment (SSc3) for 1pt

– Alternative Transportation – Public Transport. Access (SSc4.1) for 6pts

– Alternative Transportation – Bicycle Storage (SSc4.2) for 1pt

– Alternative Transportation – Parking Capacity (SSc4.4) for 2pts

– Construction Waste Management (MRc2) for 2pts

– Materials Reuse (MRc3) for 2pts

– Recycled Content (MRc4) for 2pts

– Regional Materials (MRc5) for 2pts

– Rapidly Renewable Materials (MRc6) for 1pt

– Certified Wood (MRc7)for 1pt

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