What is intelligent infrastructure, and how do geospatial tools contribute? | Spatial Sustain

Here is an illustration of our eagerness for a technological savior to environmental problems.  Sounds like a reasonable solution, but wasn’t it technology that caused our problems.  Can a problem solve itself?  What new problems are hidden in today’s well-meaning technologies?  As landscape architects should we be leading the way in their adoption or pushing for their dismissal in favor of more naturalized systems.  Or perhaps we are forced into techno faith  because nature as we understand it can’t absorb the mass of humanity imposed on it?  ~75,000,000 new people per year and counting…

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Intelligent infrastructure combines sensors, network connectivity and software to monitor and analyze complex systems to uncover inefficiency and inform optimal operations. The sensor component collects operational detail over time as well as providing real-time inputs on current conditions. The network connectivity ensures the flow of information between systems, other sensors, and practitioners. The software component provides oversight and analysis, integrating insight from various systems and personnel. The approach incorporates the management of multiple processes for more collaborative and multidisciplinary workflows. Intelligence is constantly improving from such a system through incremental improvements that are informed through constant monitoring and analysis.

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