Triple Bottom Line of Green Infrastructure « Green Infrastructure Digest

So why did Philadelphia decide to rely so heavily on green infrastructure as a means of reducing overflows in their CSO system? Quite simply it was cheaper, significantly cheaper. The plan estimates over the next 20 years the plan is to be implemented, the “triple bottom line” benefits (social, environments, economic) of the plan alone will add up to a present value of $2.2 billion dollars. The following is a breakdown of the benefits that comprise this figure.

Heat Stress Mortality Reduction (35%)

Recreation (22%)

Property Value Added (18%)

Water Quality and Habitat (14.5%)

Air Quality (4.6%)

Avoided Social Costs from Green Jobs (3.7%)

Energy Savings (1.0%)

Carbon Footprint Reduction (0.6%)

Reduction in Construction- Related Disruptions (0.2%)

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