Interview with Martha Eberle on her State Government Internship

Martha Eberle of Raleigh – graduate student in landscape architecture; Downtown Design Assistance Internship with the Department of Commerce in Asheville

Eberle, who had done some landscaping in undergraduate school, said she really enjoyed the design aspect of it and decided the internship with the Department of Commerce seemed like a good fit.

“I’m helping out with their community assistance program and I’m helping design rural communities in the western part of the state. Right now I’m focusing on two towns Hayesville and Crossnore,” Eberle said.

Currently working in Hayesville, Eberle said she is currently focusing on the county courthouse.

“We’re going to start looking at the landscape on the outside. They want to build a trail that goes from a local history museum,” which Eberle said has a lot of Cherokee stuff in it, “through town to their school and eventually out to an archaeological site.”

The internship is a partnership with the state and a nonprofit called Handmade in America, according to Eberle.

“They’re working together to give general planning assistance to rural communities and help provide funding through grants,” Eberle said.

Although she hasn’t gone out to Crossnore yet, Eberle said she’ll be doing something similar to what she is doing in Hayesville.

“[They’re] building a trail to connect outer parts of the town. A lot of what I’m doing is providing them plans they can use to get grants and federal funding,” Eberle said.

via Technician – NC government internships give students real-world experience.