Schematic Design Selected for Summer LID Design-Build Studio

A schematic design by Thomas Gull, Michael Lynsky, & Caitlin Smolewski was selected to advance into the design development phase of the Low Impact Stormwater Studio currently being led by Assistant Professor Andrew Fox.  The course is designed as a two-part program providing students with an intensive, summer-long venue to investigate leading-edge stormwater management and mitigation strategies.  The selection of the Gull, Lynsky, & Smolewski design marks the completion of session 1.

Students will begin Session 2 vetting the selected schematic design proposal.  Refinements will be based on the quantification of the facility’s functional size requirements, available materials and related installation considerations, and the practicalities of verified operations and maintenance requirements.  Upon finalizing the design, students will develop an implementation work plan and construct the LID stormwater feature.  The design will be installed adjacent to Syme Dorm on NCSU’s central campus.

The design and implementation will be run as a service-learning project. Service-learning projects put students in contact with groups and individuals who have a vested interest in a given locale, such as the property owner(s), daily users, and neighboring residents to name a few. Direct interaction with stakeholders allows students to better comprehend the complexities of creating safe, healthy, and enjoyable environments, while educating stakeholders about the important role their environmental surroundings play in their daily lives. Service-learning efforts also serve to build community through the facilitation of strategic partnerships, including institutions/agencies, public/private, peer-to-peer, and/or any combination of the above.