Student Intern Needed for Whirligig Park

From Kofi Boone – Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at NCSU:

I’m working on the conceptual design for Vollis Simpson whirligig park in Wilson, NC.  For those unfamiliar with Simpson’s work, here’s a link to an NY Times article:

The Town of Wilson has purchased a 2-acre parcel in downtown and will secure 32 of Simpson’s works. The site is currently vacant (formerly the site of a cemetery and later railroad -oriented warehouses).   I will participate in a design workshop with an interdisciplinary team in late July.

I’m requesting the assistance of a student intern to help prepare for thew workshop.  We have been asked to produce a site study model including to-scale representations of simpson’s work for use in the workshop.  The student intern would be asked to:

  • coordinate with the city of wilson on gathering base map information
  • developing a study model representing topography, streets, adjacent buildings, etc.
  • developing simple representations of each of simpsons 32 works to be displayed.

Preliminary timetable and budget ($15/hour):

  • Internship begins by July9th
  • Work must be completed by July 19th
  • 2 hours for coordination and securing documentation
  • 4 hours for translation of base info into model-appropriate materials, and assembly of the model (study quality–the model will be manipulated during the charrette)

sub-total: 6 hours–$90 labor

model building materials–$110

total: $200

Per workshop planning there may be an opportunity to join in the park design workshop.

If interested, please contact: kofi boone, asla at