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Below is my reply to a good thread on naturalization, restoration, & native plants.  We’ve got a great example on campus.  This photo is from the Rocky Branch Restoration.  I forget how many millions it has cost so far, over 4 million for sure, but can you image how many millions more it would take to restore a true urban stream- like Pigeon House Creek.  It’s piped under Glenwood South.  Rocky Branch was easy, it runs by a bunch of ball fields and overflow parking lots.

but  on second thought.  Glenwood South needs some outdoor public space.  So close Trucker Street to traffic and run Pigeon House down the middle.  Park+ stream restoration.

Rocky Branch

via What is manmade? – Land8Lounge.com.For me, restoring, naturalizing, or whatever you want to call it is a question of functionality. We should be prioritizing the restoration of ecosystem services over the pursuit of an idealized environment and a particular assemblage of plant material (usually pre-European settlement). This is especially important given the constraints in urban environments.

Take wetland restoration for example. The dollar value of real estate alone, even in this economy, prohibits the wide scale restoration of wetland environments in urban centers. But that does not mean we cannot reproduce many of the ecological services a wetland provides – flood mitigation, aquatic habitat, pollutant filtration, etc. They just may not take the form of a ‘natural’ system. I predict the future urban wetland will be a wild departure from anything we recognize as natural today – decentralized, vertical, who knows.