Open Source Design Software Options

If your trying to put together a quiver of computer design programs on the cheap, here is a list compiled by Chad M. Wade, RLA.  I’ve used OpenOffice with success, but can’t vouch for any of the others.  I believe they run best on Unix systems although some run on Mac & PC platforms

1. Ubuntu, replaces Windows
2. The Gimp, replaces photoshop
3. Inkscape, replaces Illustrator
4. Open Office, replaces Microsoft Office
5. Postbooks, replaces Quickbooks
6 Various possibilities for Acbrobat
7. Open Workbench, replaces Microsoft Project
8. Scribus, replaces InDesign
9. Blender, replaces 3d Studio Max.
10 Although Google has not wised up and made a native Linux version of Sketchup it can still run through a windows emulator.

The possibilities are endless……….and they are only getting better, plus you don’t need to worry about viruses, spy-ware and/or ad-ware. Everything just seems to work, even back and forth between the open source version and the costly purchases version.

The following are at a cost, but much less than the regular:
1. Bricscad, rivals Autocad and is only about 400 bucks
2. EZPlant, cheaper than Land F/X. I admit Land F/X is cool if you need it to do all that it does.