VOTE! Student Raingarden in Design Competition!

The Planting Team from the LID Stormwater Studio has entered the Syme Raingarden in a Planting Design Contest on Land8Lounge. Please go to the Land8 website and click on the ‘SEE THE LATEST SUBMISSIONS AND VOTE’ link on the homepage below the planting design contest post.

Simply select the ‘Favorite‘ button below the Syme team’s submission to vote- it is under Caitlin Smolewski’s name. You need to be a member to vote, but signing up is easy and free. The contest ends September 12th! The winner will be decided at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, at the Land8Lounge Happy Hour at the Rocket Bar.

– The Planting Design Team- Sarah Elsaesser, Katie Parker, Caitlin Smolewski, and Jason Weathington.

Thanks for supporting your fellow students!