Triangle Region’s first Open Street Map “Mapping Party” October 2nd

Triangle Region’s first Open Street Map “Mapping Party” October 2nd

Who:   You, or anyone else you know who’s “into” maps. It’s open to all.

What:  The Triangle’s first OpenStreetMap (OSM) “Mapping Party”

Where: TBD – At least different 3 places around the Research Triangle Park area.

When:  Saturday Oct 2 and/or Sunday Oct 3 (you don’t have to do both)

Why:   Because it is fun.

What is OpenStreetMap?  In a nutshell, the “wikipedia” of online maps.

What is a “Mapping Party”? A bunch of people who like maps get
together and map various areas and aspects of their community.

It’s not just street center lines that are mapped. You can map many different
types of ‘local infrastructure’ things, and even non-tangible things, such
as address locations. As an example, the DC OSM community has gone into
great detail mapping all kinds of stuff at the DC Zoo

An article about the huge city-wide “mapathon” in Atlanta last fall.
Note: We don’t aspire for the RTP mapping party to become that large.

Do you need to have a GPS receiver to participate? NO
Cloudmade and the NCSU Library are going to have loaners available.
If you’d rather not use a GPS, you can use “Walking Papers”.
What are “Walking Papers”? See

There’s a page in the OSM wiki set up for the event, which
will be fleshed out with more detail in the coming weeks.,NC

There is an editable sign-up sheet at OpenEtherPad if you’re interested
in joining the party. You can also enter suggestions for places to map.

If you need more details, you can contact any of us: