Clean Jordan Lake and NC Big Sweep

Jordan Lake is a local lake that provides public beaches, boat ramps, and camping—a real jewel for locals and visitors to enjoy nature and recreate. It also provides habitat for a variety of species of flora and fauna.

Upon first appearance Jordan Lake appears pristine however, lurking in and around the shoreline, trash has found a home. Most of this trash is carried from streets by storm water runoff, where it ends up in local streams, creeks, rivers, and eventually the lake—the rest of it comes from people who dump and litter directly into the lake.

Organizations such as Clean Jordan Lake and North Carolina Big Sweep, an award winning non-profit, are working to educate the public and counter the effects of all this litter. They hold frequent litter clearing and “Big Sweep” events where people, like you, from the community can participate and help clean up the shores of our local waterways.

The student ASLA participates in the yearly October cleaning at Jordan Lake organized by Clean Jordan Lake—most recently the one held two weekends ago. This year was my first time participating, and like anyone I wanted to help out but wasn’t quite convinced it would be particularly enjoyable. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What was surprising was that there was a ton of people participating, from organizations like United Way, local environmental groups, church groups, and school clubs. It was inspiring to see so many people willing to get out there and clean up. I kept thinking throughout that day that it must have been a great lesson for all the teenagers participating in understanding the effects of litter, and the life of trash. Then I realized that it was a real lesson for me too. We cleaned up a ton of trash that day and together we made a difference. There was a real feeling of accomplishment that was most potent as we headed back through the areas we cleaned, now pristine shoreline free of litter.

If you were unable to join SALSA at the event this year plan on it next year! It is an experience you won’t forget.

You can learn more about the organization Clean Jordan Lake at  and North Carolina Big Sweep at . They have smaller sweeps throughout the year and you can also become a member.