EDUCATING AT THE BOUNDARIES: COMMUNITY MATTERS2nd Erasing Boundaries SymposiumCall for Papers ‐ Deadline November 1, 2010

This Call for Papers invites you to participate in the second Erasing Boundaries: Service Learningin Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning Symposium to be held on April 29‐30,2011 at Hunter College in New York City.

Papers, proposals and abstract submissions in response to this call may be submitted onlinebeginning on October 1, 2010 at Abstracts will beaccepted through November 1, 2010.


Community matters in service‐learning. It depends on community partners, communitycontexts and community engagement. Community learning is its core concern–whatcommunity means, how communities are shaped and defined, how individuals relate to theircommunities, what problems communities face and how specific issues and realities influenceand shape well‐being.

Community matters in the education of future architects, landscape architects and planners. Such nascent designers and planners benefit from community‐based service‐learningexperiences enabling them to learn and practice disciplinary knowledge while providing aservice and grappling with complex real world societal issues, problems and contexts at the localcommunity level.Learning that is founded on the premise that community matters propelsstudents into a vital and dynamic community ‘classroom’ alive with messy and confrontingencounters with ethics, citizenship, democracy and social justice.

Community matters to communities. Community partners know their communities andunderstand, all too well, the unique challenges and dilemmas they face. Their networks,commitment and knowledge runs deep. Service‐learning asks community partners to proactivelyparticipate in the education of students. In return it promises to provide opportunitiesfor support, research and assistance addressing identified community needs and problems. Service‐learning and community walk hand in hand as education becomes an engaged andinterrelated community act.

Community matters to design and planning. Design and planning, at its best, is an act ofcommunity‐making. Being‐in‐community assumes being in dialogue with one another and actingthrough listening, learning and engaging with one another. Design and planning, when it acts asif community matters, fosters deliberative democracy and empowers communities to takecontrol of their own destiny.

The Educating at the Boundaries: Community Matters theme offers an opportunity to explore avariety of issues.