If you want a model city, fix the one you’ve got | Grist

So-called smart cities — places where energy systems, water treatment, transportation, and other infrastructure elements are digitally coordinated for maximum efficiency — got the Economist treatment last week. In a special report, the magazine discussed the proliferation of built-from-scratch, totally wired municipalities, including Masdar in the United Arab Emirates, New Songdo City in South Korea, and PlanIT Valley (could the name be any worse?) near Porto, Portugal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe that smart grids of all kinds are a vital part of a sustainable urban future. And cities like Masdar and PlanIT Valley might well serve as laboratories for the development of these technologies. It’s exciting to see that real estate developers and governments are taking the sustainability challenge seriously.


via If you want a model city, fix the one you’ve got | Grist.