Alan Berger: Lecture 11/15, 6pm

Monday evening (11/15) Alan Berger, Associate Professor of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at MIT will be here to speak in our LAR Lecture Series. The lecture to be in Burns Auditorium will start at 6:00 pm.  Attached is the flier.

Alan is a long term colleague and dear friend.  We taught together while we were both at the University of Colorado in the late 1990’s at early 2000’s.  I had the distinct honor and privilege of being asked by Alan to edit the original drafts of his two award winning books, Drosscapes and Reclaiming the American West. In my opinion Alan is one of today’s most important and prolific scholars in in landscape architecture. In addition, he is also an incredibly fine teacher and was so recognized by CELA as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Students, I know you are all quite busy with almost end of semester things to do.  Nonetheless, I sincerely urge you to invest an hour of your time to attend this lecture.  Please feel free to invite your friends and colleagues from other disciplines.

-Gene Bressler