“Challenging the Default” at NCSU with Alan Berger – “Exterial Landscapes”

Monday night’s lecture by Alan Berger, associate professor of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture from MIT, entitled “Exterial Landscapes” is now available (for free!) not available at NCSU’s College of Design’s iTunes U page.

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Alan Berger’s Lecture Exterial Landscapes at NCSU’s College of Design on November 15, 2010.

He brings up a variety of engaging issues, including the concept that we are now a “place-less” society, whether or not we (as landscape architects) should be either attempting to make places or commit all of our energy to preserving the unbuilt environment and re-mediating the natural environment and systems in our world. It’s definitely worth considering now in our postgeographical culture, where we are at once immediately public (with post-Web 2.0 technology) and incredibly isolated within our car-centric lifestyle. What do we do? What are the trade offs? Where do we go from here?