This is no unfunded pipe dream…landscape architecture in The Economist: Trees Grow in Brooklyn

Major metropolitan cities are discovering a natural form of relief for overworked city sewers, and the nation is taking notice.

“New York recently unveiled a grand plan to clean up its waterways. Instead of spending billions on new tanks and pipes (ie, “grey infrastructure”), which take years to build and never quite address the problem, the city intends to invest in “green infrastructure”, such as roofs covered with vegetation, porous pavements and kerbside gardens. The scheme involves a fundamental shift in approach: instead of treating rainfall as waste to be whisked away as quickly as possible, New York will let it sink usefully into the ground: thereby helping to make the city greener, improve air quality, raise property values, increase jobs and lower water and energy costs, according to studies by the EPA and others.”

This article is a must read, packed with statistics about storm-water and city infrastructure costs. Read the full article