Permaculture and Performance Art: The transformative work of Sara Worden

Installation view of “Soil Alchemy” by Sara Worden – Altar Installations with video documentation of Biochar process and Red Wiggler Composting worms; two transformative Permaculture techniques for building nutrient dense, organic soil. Live worms, charred flora, grain bags, glass jars, and surface embellishment. Technical assistance by Chris Harvey. This installation was supported by a SOS grant from the New York State Foundation for the Arts and The Arts Center of the Capital Region. Grand Street Community Arts, October 2009.

“Sara Worden (b. Albany, NY 1981) lives and farms in the Hudson River Valley. She makes sculptures, installations, and performances using salvaged materials and living entities to construct ecological mythologies, which explore anthropocentric landscape ecology and human use/misuse of living systems. Sara’s art is influenced by her work in horticulture and farming and serves to both engage local flora/fauna, food systems and the exploration of potential relationships between humans and the natural environment.”
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