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Fluorescent Green River is Blamed on Pranksters VideoJanuary 11, 2011 by Kate James 11:35 PM EST

Pranksters dyed a river fluorescent green in Canada. The Goldstream River ended up being a shocking color last month on December 30. At first authorities were confused about the shocking bright green river. In addition, a nearby fountain also turned the shocking shade. Now they believe that the glowing green color was caused by fluorescein, which is a synthetic compound that is used as a dye to test water systems.However, that day, there was no testing to cause a green river. Because of that, officials believe that pranksters “greened” the water. This is one greening of something that wasn’t so environmentally friendly though. Even though the substance was nontoxic, it still caused a lot of resources to be wasted over the investigation.Officials believe that the fluorescent green river in Canada did not end up harming fish or local wildlife. The shocking hue only lasted about an hour. The video below shows exactly what the Goldstream River looked like on December 30. There is no word on what the prankster was trying to prove.


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