Triple Crown for NCSU Students in Tri-State ASLA Competition!!!


THREE student projects have been selected for awards in the 2011 Tri-State American Society of Landscape Architects Awards Competition. The competition was open to students in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  The specific award each will receive will be announced at the 2011 Tri-State ASLA Conference in Atlanta on April 29 and the projects will be featured in the conference proceedings.

The entries provide a revealing cross-section of the innovative and collaborative work generated by NCSU Landscape Architecture students.  Each is the product of a team effort and highlights the collaborative spirit in the Department of Landscape Architecture.  The images below link to the presentations submitted for consideration in the competition and describe the entries in detail.  Student and Instructor credits then follow.

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The Tri-State Winners…

Site as Machine for Health

NC State LAR 500 – Advanced Landscape Architecture Design Lab

Spring 2010


Lorna Allen, Nathan Bass, Derek Blaylock, Jim Cooper, Barry Duncil, Ben Hood, Michael Lynskey, Leslie Morefield, Dan Putman, Scott Simmons, Noah Steele, Matt Tomasulo, Virginia Wallace, Luke Wallenbeck, Jason Weathington

Instructors of record

Andrew Fox, RLA, ASLA / Gene Bressler, FASLA

SHIFT: infrastructure Journal

NC State Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

SHIFT: Journal Volume 1 (2010)


Lorna Allen, Kelly Bailey, Tucker Beeninga, TJ Blanchflower, Sarah Elsaesser, Matt Evans, Ben Hood, Michael Lynskey, Preston Montague, Leslie Morefield, Jordan Petersen, Lindsay Ruderman, Scott Simmons, Caitlin Smolewski, Matt Tomasulo, Dave Toms, Luke Wallenbeck

Faculty Advisor

Andrew Fox, RLA, ASLA

Syme Hall Rain Garden

NC State LAR 582 – Low Impact Stormwater Workshop

Summer 2010


Nathan Bass, Heather Bishop, Barry Duncil, Sarah Elsaesser, Matt Evans, Thomas Gull, Matt Jones, Michael Lynskey, Grayson Maughan, Melissa Miklus, Leslie Morefield, Katie Parker, Jason Pirone, Dan Putman, Caitlin Smolewski, Jason Weathington, Mike Welsh, Xiaodan Zhuo

Instructors of Record

Andrew Fox, RLA, ASLA / Scott Simmons, MLA