SLANT Garden Design Award

So I posted a call for entries in March issued by the same organization.  Then the competition dealt with a city block but this time you get the chance to design a garden on a much smaller scale. See below for details.  The winner will receive 2000 British pounds.  Yes that’s right, over 3200 dollars.

**This July we are launching our second competition and this time the competition will be open to all,
and the challenge is to design a garden for a private residence.

Once again the key feature of this competition is that the project in question is a “virtual project”, one
that has been created specifically for this competition.

You are being presented with a fixed house plan located on a clearly defined plot, but apart from
that you will be free to decide everything else. For example you can choose the global location of
this virtual garden and after that you can choose what its setting will be. Some may prefer an urban
setting, while others may choose a rural location. Your garden could be in a city centre, in a leafy
suburb, on a mountain, by the sea, in the desert etc, you get to choose. Your project may have views
to the surrounding land/cityscape which you may wish to exploit, of perhaps you want to turn the
focus inwards and make the garden a self contained landscape.

As I say the plan of the house is fixed and may not be altered in any way. Similarly the boundaries to
the garden are also fixed and cannot be altered, however you will be free, should you so choose, to
suggest what the elevations of house will look like, and you will also be welcome to determine the site
contours and its orientation.

We will be asking for a minimum of just one drawing which will show your overall design plan,
however you will be free to submit further drawings and graphics in support of your design.

Your submission will need to show your unique registration number and you can obtain this number,
(without commitment) by following the link to register your interest

You will be invited to enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or in a team of two, three or

Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee which starts at €30 for an individual

You will have up to 2nd September 2011 to make your final submission and a cash prize of €2,000 will
be awarded to the best entry.

You can also follow us on Facebook and join us there by “liking” the Slant page.

Ewa Janczy,
Competition Administrator,