In a ceremony held Friday, August 19, the Landscape Architecture Design-Build (LA 500) class officially cut the ribbon on the Artists’ Backyard. The project, located between Owen and Turlington Halls, is just the first phase of a five year plan to transform an under-appreciated section of campus.

Jacqui Harris, Master of Landscape Architecture candidate and outreach coordinator for the project said, “The high visibility of this site is one reason it was selected. It will provide a new space for student interactions and tie-in nicely to Wolf Plaza and, eventually, the ‘Great Lawn’ at the new Talley.”

In fact, visitors might recognize the boulders and pavers located in the Artists’ Backyard. Robert Bradley, grounds manager for main campus, explained, “Roughly 25 tons of blue stone pavers and boulders were salvaged for use in the LA500 project over the next five years.” Additionally, numerous small plants were transplanted from the North Talley Plaza to the Artists’ Backyard. Read more at the Talley blog site.

Andy Fox, assistant professor of Landscape Architecture, said, “This class provides students with an opportunity to see how their designs actually operate in real-world situations. It is truly an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and touches on the core mission of NC State; teaching, research and outreach. We are already working with the departments of Horticulture and Meteorology and have engaged the Living and Learning Villages, as well.”

Reposted from DESIGNlife By David Dean, Outreach & Communications Coordinator for Sustainability & Energy at North Carolina State University

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