James Rojas at SparkCon

This weekend, for designSpark, James Rojas, co-founder of the Latino Urban Forum and collaborator of the GardenLab Experiment will be moderating workshops at the Raleigh Urban Design Center on the corner Hargett and Fayetteville Streets.  Students who are interested in setting up or participating in the workshops should contact at tfowlke@ncsu.edu for information.

See a video of James’ Process here

**James Rojas is an urban planner who devotes a lot of his time to translating the impenetrable maps and language of land use planning into a activities that are visual, tactile, and playful — the language of how we actually experience the world.

James’ basic goal is to create environments that elicit ordinary people’s ideas and solutions to urban problems.

“I’m always amazed by people’s ideas and solutions — its mind-boggling how many creative ideas people have.”

To James, ideas are the golden currency of city-building.

**excerpted from drpop.org