Art Show! Oct. 22nd 5-7pm Durham

One of our very own, Jeff Israel, has an art show at Craven Art gallery! The gallery is located in Durham directly off Broad Street. The reception is 5-7 Oct. 22, Next Saturday! The show is in conjunction with third Friday in Durham. There will be plenty of venues to check out. If you have not been to Durham this would be a great opportunity to check it out. The event is a lot of fun. Lots of local watering holes and start up food joints.

Let’s all get out of the stress of school for an evening and trade up for food, art, drink and relaxation! I know it is most needed when times get stressful. Do not let studio get you down! Come out and play!

The gallery is located off Broad street in Durham. From I-40 Take 147 towards Durham. Take the Shift Ave exit off 147. Shift turns into Broad. The gallery is just before the intersection of Broad and Club Blvd. Super easy. Durham loves you but is afraid to let you know. Hope to see everyone there!!!