Urban Ag Food Truck Roundup

On November 26th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Raleigh City Farm will be hosting a Food Truck Roundup at their future site on the Corner of Blount and Franklin Streets. That’s right across from the Peace College softball field. A portion of the proceeds from food sales, a silent auction, and local artists will go to the farm as seed money for their first planting season.

If you’re interested in growing Urban Agriculture movement, this is a great chance to talk to some of the organizers about the difficulties and successes of putting this project together. They’re working with a local architecture firm, In Situ Studio, to design the farm and it’s connection to the surrounding community so unlike many community gardens that are viewed as unsightly or poorly organized, this farm will hopefully fit in with the context of it’s physical location and collaborate with nearby institutions like Peace College, NC State, and local K-12 schools.

This project is really leading the charge in terms of getting a legitimate and financially succesful urban farm operating inside the Raleigh city limits the important fact for us is that they understand the contribution design can have in making it a replicable model.