Call for Papers: Spaces and Flows Conference, Urban and Extraurban Studies

Spaces and Flows: Third International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies and the call for submissions to the peer-reviewed journal.

The Spaces and Flows Conference will be held 11-12 October 2012 at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA. This interdisciplinary conference aims to critically examine the spatial, social, ideological, and political forces that shape and transform cities, suburbs, and rural areas. The theme of this year’s conference is “Transforming Cities and Communities in Contemporary Times,” and it is fitting that the location is Detroit, Michigan, USA – a city whose past and recent history exemplifies the complex processes that must be examined and mastered for positive transformations to occur. We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to conference discourse within any of these broad thematic areas:

a) Local-Global Spaces, including areas related to socio-economic inequalities, ethnic and racial separation and integration, development of production and employment, labor markets, and green, agricultural, water, and waste dynamics;

b) Urban and Extraurban Spaces across urban modernity, edge-urban, de-urban, micro-urban, greenfields, and off-grid spaces, examining processes and consequences, forms and dynamics, and development;

c) Centralizing-Devolving Flows related to transportation infrastructures and patterns, local-global production flows, grid-nodality vs. distributed grid structures, dispersed vs. centralized governances, measurement of spaces in relation to flows, and the spatiality of the Internet;

d) Material-Immaterial Flows concerned with commuting and telecommuting, migration and diaspora, place and identity, neighborhood, and online shopping, learning, and culture in relation to in-person interactions, including setting research agendas and (re)configuring the practices of spaces and flows.

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, posters/exhibits, or colloquia are invited. The deadline in the next round in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 22 March 2012. Future deadlines will be announced on the conference website after this date. Full details of the conference, including an online proposal submission form, may be found at the conference website:

Presenters may choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed Spaces and Flows: International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies. If you are unable to attend the conference in person, virtual registrations are also available, allowing you to submit a paper for refereeing and possible publication, as well as access to the journal.

Whether you are a virtual or in-person presenter at this conference, we encourage you to present on the conference YouTube playlist. Please select the Online Sessions link on the conference website for further details. We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter, and subscribe to our Facebook, RSS, or Twitter feeds at

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join us in Detroit this October.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. David Wilson
Department of Geography
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA