Urban Farming coming to Raleigh, North Carolina

By Jonathan Carlson

March 10, 2012


They are beginning with a plot of land at the intersection of Blount and Franklin Streets in downtown.

” Why not farm downtown. There’s open spaces where ever you go, and farming isn’t just for suburban spaces anymore, it can be done anywhere,” said Laurel Varnado, with Raleigh City Farm.

Farm team members met today and shared with us their plans to bring urban farming to the capital city which would serve local restaurants to those in need.

“It will become self sustaining, so the money we earn will come back to the farm,” said Kristine Ashwood, also with Raleigh City Farm.

They are slowly hoping to buy up empty plots around the city and bring life to them by growing produce.

Josh Whiton explains the idea behind Raleigh City Farm from Laurel Varnado on Vimeo.