First Place: Hydro-Logic

Hydro-Logic, Caitlin Cunningham and Walida Smith: Morgan State University, landscape architecture




Crabtree Creek trail has a significant history of flooding. HydroLogic NavigationHLN responds to that issue while creating a sense of place.

HLN has threefold objective to:
a. connect users with vital hydrologic information to remain safe along the trail.
b. focus on revelation in beauty of natural area, and
c. assist with easy navigation and mental mapping

These objectives are addressed through a sequence of collaborative design interventions to
enhance the experience of trail users.

Simple and visible cartographic diagrams will be placed at trailheads and throughout the trail’s
ground plane. They will be comprehensive and legible to all modalities. Based on our field research of trail signage, users find maps with dense information overwhelming; whereas
the extreme simplicity of graphic maps help with location, orientation and direction.

Digital and mechanical raingauges will make hydrologic information from area municipalities
accessible through wireless display. This digital flood warning will also be integrated within the current Greenway mobile App. The mechanical component of rain gauge is designed to display the flood levels and warnings through a built-in valve system. This ensures safety and prevents frustration to users of SUDDENLY arriving at a flooded section with no warning.

Lastly, view frames will be located strategically to capture scenic and ecologically fragile
vistas, in order to impress memories of natural beauty and biodiversity while protecting sensitive areas. The Crabtree Creek Trail system once embedded with HydroLogic
Navigation will be unique in its design thought, contextually responsive, functional and a more desired destination for the community.